5 things to listen to if you don't hate your life

Do you hate yourself? Fine, no problem.

But if you hate your life, you probably don't want to listen to this music.

This music is only for those that don't hate their lives. If you do, get the hell out of here. Otherwise, read — and listen — on.

Tyvek — Origin of What

Like Parquet Courts except not.

Uranium Club — All of Them Naturals

With classics such as "That Clown's Got a Gun", it's hard to go wrong.

Mr. Face — Ty Segall

The best work of his career. If you say otherwise you probably hate your life.

TRAAMS — Modern Dancing

If you're still dancing the old fashioned way, then you hate your life.

Single Mothers —Through a Wall

Do you hate your life? Your answer will determine if you listen to this or not.

James K.

James K.

Founder of Classic Nerd and grumpy old dude. All opinions are mine and are always right.