5 things to listen to if you're an animal

Are you an animal? No, we're not talking about the party kind!

If you are a raccoon, bear or other type of animal, you'll love this music:

Animal Collective — Feels

This is actually where the phrase "all the feels" came from. Animals LOVE that phrase, so this makes perfect sense for you if you are one.

King Khan & the BBQ Show — Animal Party

If you're an animal, such as a walrus, and you like to party, you'll totally relate to this.

Dinosaur Jr. — Green Mind

Dinosaurs were once a type of animal, and some were likely green. If you are a dinosaur, you are actually extinct. Sorry to break the news!

Dr. Dog — We All Belong

If you're a dog, you can only listen to either this or Three Dog Night. Go with this.

Are you an animal? Let us know in the comments!

James K.

James K.

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