5 things to listen to this week for no reason

Our music taste is teh bestz. Here are five things to check out sonically in no particular order or based on any kind of distinguishable merit.

Listen to these this week. Or we'll find you and complain to you about the newest Modest Mouse album.

The Lithics — Mating Surfaces

Very cool Shopping/retro-English-punk-dance vibe but more modern/rough.

DIÄT — Everyday

These guys have cleaned up a little too much for me, so I'm going back to 2013 for this bad boy.

ORB — The Space Between

I can generally only handle so much Ty-Segall-ish music at once (BTW, I pronounce it alá Stephen Seagal), but if you need a fix, it's hard to go wrong with ORB.

Snoop Dogg — Doggystyle

It's Valentine's Day this week, making it hard to imagine anything more romantic to listen to.

B Boys — Dada

White dudes from Brooklyn aren't normally what you think of when you hear "b boys," but hey, times are crazy. Sort of like Parquet Courts but less not-as-good-anymore-y.

Lead image by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash.

James K.

James K.

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