7 unlikely 'Avengers: Endgame' predictions that might actually happen

Avengers: Endgame, is nearly upon us. While we've covered what definitely WON'T happen in the movie (for those with a sense of humor, sheesh), what about things that probably won't, but hey, maybe will?

Here are six things that might be a stretch, but could actually be pulled off in the final (?!) installment of the Infinity saga:

Updated 4/18/19: We added no. 7 up top in case you've already seen the rest.

Adam Warlock kicks some booty

During one of the mid-credit scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we see a cocoon-like pod. The high priestess of the Sovereign people has made it, and says she will call it "Adam."

Adam Warlock has a complex history, to put it mildly, but this is clearly a set up for his appearance in the MCU. What's important to know is that he once carried the Soul Gem, and is know for battling Thanos. He's also known for spinning cocoons around himself and coming out more powerful.

In the Infinity Gauntlet series from 1991, he is reborn from a cocoon-like pod with god-like powers yet again. Overall this feels like a setup for a third Guardians of the Galaxy film. But in the comics, Adam quickly detects that his makers have less than pure intentions for this creation — the same could easily happen in the MCU, and Warlock could have the power to defeat Thanos and/or wield the gauntlet himself.

Adam Warlock is definitely coming to the MCU, although Endgame might be a little early for it.

Dr. Doom makes his first MCU appearance — with a time machine

Time travel seems to be the clear path out of the current conundrum the remaining Avengers find themselves in. The time stone has already proven that time travel exists in this universe.

So, perhaps there's another way besides having to steal the time stone back.

Remember the name Doctor Doom?

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Yeah, that dude up there. The one in the costume, not the dude in a tank top.

Turns out, Doctor Doom has a time platform, which makes an appearance in several Marvel series. Victor Doom has used the platform to do all kinds of cool things, like hook up Morgan le Fay of King Arthurian legend and learning the mystic arts from her.

So why haven't we seen or heard of Doom in the MCU up to this point if this is going to happen? Well, he's notoriously reclusive, sticking to his little corner of the world in Latveria. And, it's possible at this point he's still simply Victor Doom, a troubled scientist. If he survived the snap, it could be enough to convince him to allow the Avengers to use the time platform to go back and stop Thanos, even though he's not really an "Avenger guy".

In the Age of Ultron comic books, the time platform is also Nick Fury's last resort plan for saving the world. In this storyline, Ultron has already laid waste to New York City and is well on his way to enacting a full-on apocalypse. After a bunch of weird time stuff, including a moment where Wolverine has to kill a different time version of himself, the plan ultimately succeeds.

Something similar is very possible in Endgame as well. Fury always has a plan, and beyond paging Captain Marvel before he goes poof, it's likely that he had a little more up his sleeve.

It seems like Doom's appearance would have leaked by now, but who knows, this could happen.

Captain America wields the gauntlet

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The Infinity Gauntlet makes an appearance in New Avengers Vol. 3, # 3. In this storyline, we learn that other universes are colliding with each other, and one of them has to get destroyed in the process. And — of course — Earth is the centerpoint. Other Earths are threatening to destroy our own. We'll ignore the fact that by saving their own Earth, the Avengers are dooming billions of innocent people to die, for now.

As a last resort, Captain America wields the gauntlet and attempts to push the other Earth away. He withstands its power, but the energy it takes shatters the infinity stones.

I could actually see this happening in some form in Endgame. Captain America is one of the only humans, maybe the ONLY human, who would have the strength to wield the gauntlet. In theory he could reverse the (ohhhh) snap, but in the process shatter the stones.

With all the theories circulating that Endgame could be Captain America's swan song (aka he gonna get killed), this could be how he goes out. With one final act of sacrifice, he saves half the universe.

It would be a fitting end to the character that's yearned to give his life for a good cause from the beginning.

Thanos turns time back himself

Infinity War Press Kit

In the Thanos Rising graphic novel, we see the planet of Titan in a new light. It's a world filled with only the best, brightest and most beautiful beings.

Thanos' father is a renowned scientist, and seemingly the only one to show Thanos any affection. In this world he is an anomaly, a freaky-deaky if you will.

The immense evil and power is always inside him, but it's insinuated that he could have taken a different path.

So maybe, MAYBE, Thanos has just enough of a conscious, somewhere deep inside of him, to turn back time with the time stone. Perhaps the guilt of killing his daughter (well, a kid he stole, murdered her mother, and then called his daughter) is the one thing that can convince him to do so.

Or he's just insane and doesn't give a crap, but hey, we said these are unlikely.

Wolverine shows up

Disney now, mercifully, owns the X-Men franchise.

I say mercifully, because the MCU has been sorely missing this classic Marvel franchise — especially Wolverine, who is an on-and-off member of the Avengers in several comic book storylines.

With the closing of the Fox-Disney deal in sight, it's not out of the question that they were able to film some scenes with Mr. Hugh Jackman for Endgame, the dude with the baddest sideburns in the Western Hemisphere.

He could show up and save some butts.

Of course, he's dead, if you believe the non-canon MCU hippy movie Logan, so maybe Laura, the young mutant with Wolverine-like abilities, is a little older now, and comes out of hiding to join the crew.

This is a long-shot, but man, that'd be so cool if Wolverine showed up somehow.

We're introduced to the MCU multiverse

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Marvel introduced the notion of a multiverse with the aptly titled, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.

But in terms of the current canon MCU universe, this could be the time to introduce the concept at large, opening the door for all kinds of directions the MCU could take. Perhaps the people that disappeared were actually placed into an alternate universe, due to some law of physics that Thanos is too dumb to understand. Ha, stupid Thanos. Should have studied more!

And perhaps there is a way back. Perhaps in Spiderman: Far from Home, "far" is a lot further than jolly ol' London, oi. Maybe it's an entirely alternate universe!


OK, probably not. Looks like he's really just going on a school trip.

But considering we're seeing at least two characters that were wiped out in Infinity War, a multiverse would be a convenient way to get out of this mess.

The Star Brand appears

In the Infinity crossover storyline from 2013, Avengers Vol. 5 #7 reveals to us a regular human is imparted with incredible powers.

There's a bunch of that universes are colliding and whatnot stuff here, but the important part is that this is a cyclical event, and when it occurs, a Star Brand is chosen by the universe to be given the power to defend it.

While the MCU can get a bit whacky, they'd probably tone down the storyline a bit, but it's totally possible that the Star Brand makes an appearance in Endgame. One of the existing characters, say Steve Rogers, could end up with these powers. Or, as in the comics, it could be a little no name college student who doesn't understand how to control his powers.

I'm also guessing they'd leave out the part where the Star Brand inadvertently destroys his college campus and kills everyone there, and also fights the Avengers before realizing he needs training and actually wants to help save the universe.

These theories — well, not even that, more like hypotheses — are a bit out there, but they're based in Marvel lore. If one of them happens, I promise to stomp around the theater shouting "I WAS RIGHT YOU MORONS!!!" for no longer than 10 minutes.

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