Battlefront 2 just got a whopping update

Well, I just fired up my Xbox and got hit with a massive, over 5GB update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. While I'm waiting for it to download, which is taking awhile even with my 700mps+ download speeds, here are some details:

New mode

According to EA, the March 26, 2019 update will deliver an entirely new, Clone Wars-based mode: Capital Supremacy.

Capital Supremacy offers another big battle mode, which currently only exists via Galactic Assault. It sounds like this mode will harken back to SWBF1's Supremacy mode, where the objective is to control critical battle areas. Cool.

Interestingly, the mode will add AI troopers to the mix. Perhaps to increase the big battle feel without sacrificing server speed?

Capital Supremacy is a clone-era only mode, featuring a ground invasion phase and an invasion phase.

After the initial ground phase — which has you fighting for control of 5 different combat zones — you leave the AI bots behind and move to the invasion phase, where each side tries to take out the other's major battleship with override-style objectives.

New classes

The mode also adds two new classes: The ARC Trooper and BX Commando Droid.

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The ARC Trooper is a double-pistol wielding trooper that feels like what John Woo would do with a clone trooper. You can do some damage by alternating between left and right triggers to fire the respective pistols.

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The RX Commando is a Clone-era droid that touts a heavy blaster and a "vibrating sword." Which is what I thought a lightsaber basically was, but what the crap do I know?

New other stuff

Not really a new map, per say, but Capital Supremacy does open up a new region of Geonosis. There are also some tweaks to lightsaber battle. Read out about the full update from EA.

Seems like they're trying to pump some life back into this game, and so far it's actually pretty fun, even though I've only played a couple rounds at this point. We'll see how it all pans out in the long run.

Lead image courtesy SWBF2 press kit.

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