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Obscure facts about Disneyland Resort to annoy your family with next time you visit

Written by: James at Classic Nerd

Written by: Classic Nerd

Obscure facts about Disneyland Resort to annoy your family with next time you visit

The smell of fresh churros in the air, thinking about the jokes you’d make if you were the captain of a boat on Jungle Cruise, and parents who finally crack and threaten to never go again—that’s right, it’s Disneyland!

The self-proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth—despite the fact that it really does bring every family to the brink of chaos at some point—generally lives up to that moniker. I mean, it really is magic.

And with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge? **chef’s kiss**

Photo by Yulissa Tagle on Unsplash

It’s hard to beat a trip to Disneyland, but one of the things that makes it a little better is being able to annoy your family at every opportunity, whether standing in line for Space Mountain or grabbing a burger from Galactic Grill.

And having made a recent trip with the fam myself, I can speak from experience that there are some obnoxiously obscure facts about the world’s quintessential theme park that you’ll definitely want to have on hand for your next trip to Anaheim. (Shoutout to my brother for putting together family bingo!)

Here are some of the most obscure facts about Disneyland you can annoy your family with on your next magical journey.

Park names and acronyms

Want to really tick off your kids? Start rambling on about DLR, DCA, and Disneyland Park.

You see, Disneyland was indeed the name of the park when it opened. But back then you just had to drive your giant car that had no seatbelts and block the highway waiting in line to get in. Now you can take your pick of three on-site hotels, plus a plethora of neighboring accommodations.

Not to mention the shopping and dining district collectively known as Downtown Disney, where you can score extra points by making your family wait an hour and a half to eat some pizza instead of just eating inside the park.

Oh, and lest we forget Disney California Adventure Park, aka California Adventure, aka DCA, which opened its doors in 2001 but honestly wasn’t that cool until Cars Land opened. Which is ironic because it used to literally be land for cars as the site of the original parking lot.

The Mickey Ferris wheel at DCA. Are you a swingy type or regular? Credit: Flickr//Kirt Edblom

So we’re talking two theme parks, three hotels, and an entire dining and shopping district. “Disneyland” was no longer inclusive enough for all of these magical choices, so sometime in the late ‘90s the term Disneyland Resort, or DLR, was coined to encompass the entirety of the Disney properties.

Which meant that to avoid confusion, Disnelyand was officially renamed Disneyland Park—because clearly if you say you’re going to Disneyland, people look at you in astonishment and ask, “DO YOU MEAN DISNEYLAND PARK OR RESORT???”

To recap:

  • Disneyland Park aka Disneyland == the O.G. theme park.
  • Disney California Adventure aka DCA == an entirely separate park across from Disneyland where Avengers Campus and Cars Land are located.
  • Disneyland Resort aka DLR == The umbrella term for any and all of the Disney properties off Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim.

The two-toned lightbulb

The thing about Disneyland is that it creates order out of chaos; magic out of mayhem; churros out of despair.

But there is one nexus where this order comes to an enthralling and mysterious point; where reality borders precariously at the cusp of madness.

That’s right, Refreshment Corner.

On the verge of madness. Credit: flickr//Jessica Watkins

Legend goes that a pleasant, orderly pattern of alternating red and white lightbulbs were being installed at this literal corner entrance to all things refreshingly Main Street USA, when it was discovered that there were an odd number of lightbulbs.

What to do?? Have two white bulbs to each other? Two reds? Plan ahead better?

Heyall nah. This is DISNEY we’re talking about.

The rumor is that Walt himself solved the conundrum by suggesting a single bulb painted equally red and white to maintain the pattern, thus staving off a quick descent into panic.

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