Five Classic Games You Can Download for Xbox One Right Now

The older we get, the more impressive our video games become. Graphics have become astoundingly sharp, worlds expand, and our minds are blown with each new release.

But as exciting as new releases, cutting edge games and out-of-this-world scenarios are, nothing beats the comfort of the first few games we played. The games that we fell in love with as kids will always have the power of nostalgia over us.

When life gets tough, I like to go back to the games I played when everything seemed a lot simpler. Here are five classic games you can always go back to when you feel like being a kid again, but on your Xbox One.


Growing up, Frogger was the only video game my brothers and I managed to get my dad to play. That’s how awesome it was. The high risk, high reward game is such a simple idea at its core, and yet was so incredibly captivating.

For someone who loves all animals, it felt like my God-given mission to make sure this poor little froggy made it home to his family alright. That adrenaline rush of narrowly avoiding a truck, but hopping into a lane where you miss a car just by the hair of its tailpipe created enough excitement to last decades.


There was nothing – I mean NOTHING – as cool as playing Doom. At the time, the graphics absolutely blew my mind. It was one of the scariest concepts an elementary-school aged girl could think of, and yet the nightmares were worth it.

No really;  I definitely had a handful of nightmares that involved Cyberdemon killing me. In fact, writing this just now makes me think he’s coming back…


Okay, there actually was something as cool as playing DoomWorms. There’s something about an artillery tactical game that doesn’t involve humans killing each other that’s just a little more fun.

I still remember the sounds of roaring laughter the first time my brother and our friends used a sheep on another team.

“Baaa!” BOOM.

It was such a creative concept, and it was also one of the first games where you really had to strategize your moves. As much as I wanted to just unleash the banana bomb every time I had it, it made more sense to pull out the Uzi when more worms were alive and the map was tightly packed together.

Also, digging trenches with the blowtorch was just way too much fun. I ended up spending most of my turns burrowing into the ground, and then calling a fatal air strike on the surviving team at the end.

Pictured: A cluster bomb, just riiiight. 

Ahh, the memories.

Sonic the Hedgehog

There’s a reason kids today still know who Sonic is, and it’s not because of the absolutely terrifying reboot.

What are you??

The thrills. The palm trees. The lava. The waterfalls! I was all too gleeful to destroy the robots, too. The thrill of speeding Sonic up, faster and faster, to blow through the first few levels was unmatched. Sonic is truly one of those games that have become somewhat of muscle memory. It’s so familiar, the territory has been charted, and yet it’s never boring to visit.

Like an old friend, Sonic is there to pick up the phone when you call. And he’s more than happy to chat for a bit.


Brain off, Pac-Man on. I don’t care how old you are, Pac-Man is never, EVER not fun.

I personally think of all the games on this list, Pac-Man is the must have game downloaded on your Xbox One. No matter the mood, no matter how you’re feeling, there’s something oddly calming about the sounds, the moves, and the graphics.

Pacman Video Juegos GIF from Ghost GIFs

Soothing and satisfying.

You can play Pac-Man when you’re stressed out, tired, or just feeling down. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you are in life; you should always play Pac-Man.

About the Author: Kelcey McClung is a freelance reporter who has been featured in a variety of publications. She loves Star Wars, Animal Crossing, and almost every PlayStation game ever made. If you think you’ve completed all the park objectives in Roller Coaster Tycoon more times than she has, she’ll take you up on that bet.