Star Wars Battlefront 2: Heroes vs. Villains just got a questionable update

Heroes vs. Villains has been, since the game's release, one of Star Wars Battlefront 2's most promising, yet most frustrating, modes.

And they just screwed with things a little bit more.

Heroes vs. Villains no longer uses a target-based scoring system, where one player is the target, and the first team to kill 10 targets wins the match.

Instead, it is now whichever team is the first to 25 kills, regardless of who gets the lightsaber in the back.

I'm glad they're paying attention to this mode, it desperately needs it. But they've just taken away the one reason it was always fun to play, even if I got thrown into a team with newbs and really good opponents. You could still stand a chance.

Now it's just a slaughterfest. A "blast" for HvV. Which, I'm cool with if you want to add some more heroes and make this a new mode, but why take away the objective based play? For me, that was the only time I could stand a chance. The other team would get 70 kills and us 15, but we played the objective better. It's the great leveler.

Or vice versa. It gives each team a chance. Now that's gone, and the entire element of teamplay is altered. And sometimes I loved games that would stretch into teams where each player had kills in the 20s or 30s.

The whole issue was always that it wasn't equally competitive enough. Not sure how this helps.

Apparently this is based on feedback, but I'm a little puzzled. Guess we'll see how it ultimately plays out.

James K.

James K.

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