SWBF2: Aaaaand there's the Anakin nerf

Before we could even write a post telling you to hurry and buff Anakin's cards before he got nerfed — yep, he got nerfed.

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Anakin Skywalker from #StarWarsBattlefrontII.

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No surprise there, considering he was just destroying everyone mercilessly in a very awesome way — a way that has revived SWBF 2's multiplayer games for us.

In a shorthanded game of HvV, we still won easily thanks to his abilities.

The dev team has made it clear his boosted powers were intentional, and will always be there, but they've already announced the first nerf. As F8RGE posted yesterday, March 5:

"With the recent release of the Chosen One update we will be releasing a hotfix this week (March 6th) that addresses a small number of issues and also contains a balancing pass for Anakin."

Bummer dude. We logged in today and were prompted with a healthy-sized update. The good times are over. Hopefully you were able to buff his cards as much as possible.

We'll see how much of a difference it makes — Anakin should still be the baddest hero in the game, simply based on his ruthless fourth ability, which really makes you feel pretty much like the baddest dude in history.

We also hope they'll be an equally matched hero released in the near future.

Overall, the latest updates have been promising. Makes you wonder why it took 1.5 years to get there, but at least they're still trying.

James K.

James K.

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