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Star Wars Battlefront II: OK, Obi-Wan is kind of awesome

Written by: Classic Nerd

Star Wars Battlefront II: OK, Obi-Wan is kind of awesome
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We all know the Star Wars Battlefront II developers clearly hate their audience. That's the only explanation for why they have basically made every choice they've made so far. You know, like start out by rewarding pay-to-play players and dropping the ball on promised content updated by over a year or so.

Of course, I've still played it almost daily since it was released, so, you know.

That said, they finally brought us some new heroes in the forms of General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku — so far. The thrill of getting to play these heroes was short lived for me, resulting in being brutally murdered within about 20 seconds every time I managed to actually select one of these heroes. Not to mention the fact that I had to blow 35,000 credits, aka lots of game time, just to unlock them (and am still working on getting enough to unlock Dooku, turns out).

Obi-Wan seemed perilous at first. It was so cool to see him standing there, but I really had no clue what any of his powers did or how to use him. No surprise there, besides the fact I've spent way too many hours in Heroes vs. Villains and normally feel pretty confident which whomever I'm playing as.

Fast forward a couple weeks, a few cards unlocked and post-everyone-only-wants-to-play-as-Obi-Wan-so-I-can-never-freaking-beat him, and I'm starting to come around.

Here's what I've picked up so far:

Mind trick works great — if you can sneak up from behind

The "Restrictive Mind Trick" ability promises, and I quoteth: "A Jedi’s mastery of the Force can influence the weak-minded, and in the case of Master Kenobi, even subvert his enemy’s desire to dodge his attacks and use their abilities against him."

Sweet! Just tag 'em with that bad boy and everything's gravy, right?

WRONG, you simpleton.

Mind Trick is great if you need a quick escape, or if you're able to sneak up on someone, hit 'em with it, and then go to town. If you can do that, you have some guaranteed kills on your hands.

If you're facing someone head on, especially a villain hero, be careful, they can often fight through the haze and do some serious damage, all while you think they're supposedly vulnerable.

Obi-Wan is great at escaping

If you're in a pickle, especially playing Heroes vs. Villains, Obi-Wan is great at getting you out of the jam.

Being chased down? Turn around and use Defensive Rush to push past those losers. Obi-Wan's dash ability (aka battle roll for regular troopers) and force-powered jump will also help to get you out of a bind.

Spend some time upgrading cards

Yes, it can be a pain in the arse, but you've simply got to spend a little time in Heroes vs. Villains where you can nab Obi-Wan and unlock and upgrade some cards.

Investing in increased health regeneration and increased All-Out Push range are going to give you a pretty big boost. And speaking of All-Out Push, remember that you have to aim it at your target for it to really work.

I'm still bummed that the SWBF2 developers didn't follow through on their promise of releasing new content like maps and heroes regularly from the get-go, but I'm starting to like this Obi-Wan guy OK.

What's your favorite SWBF2 hero? Oh, right, we don't care.

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