The first 8 things you should watch on Disney+

Disney has finally given a name to the streaming service that basically everyone in existence has been eagerly waiting for: Disney Plus.


Now that we've been blown away with the name of the service, we can start planning some days off to sit in our underwear, drench ourselves in syrup and get down to watching some Disney-owned media on OUR schedule.

While the rest of the streaming giants collectively crap themselves and scramble to compete with Disney+, aka Disney Plus, aka Disney Mark Duplasse, we're already getting our schedule penciled in.

The service is set to launch in November 2019, meaning we'll surely be getting more titles promised at launch before then. But with the current list of what will be available at launch, here's what you should watch on Disney Plus at launch:

The Mandalorian

Even watching the crappy bootleg quality video above (because it basically is a bootleg), if you don't get tingles watching that teaser, then I just don't know who you are anymore.

The Mandalorian, the first live-action series in the Star Wars universe, picks up the story five years after Return of the Jedi.

We don't know yet if Disney will opt for a full on binge mode or not, ala Netflix, but either way we'll be eagerly awaiting this one upon launch.

Big Hero 6

In Big Hero 6, we meet Hiro (see what they did there?), just your classic lovable misfit/brilliant roboticist who for some reason — ala many other Disney characters — the makers of the film felt deserves to have his entire family killed.

Set in some weird future where San Francisco and Tokyo get married and have a baby called "San Fransokyo", (which what if everyone named their children just by combining their parents' names?) Big Hero 6 is a good family movie with a strong storyline and enough cool sci-fi elements for the parents.

I mean, who doesn't like robots?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated series)

Like many supplemental Star Wars efforts, The Clone Wars is surprisingly good, and will officially ends its run with 12 new episodes on Disney+.

This is the show that taught me that clones are more than just Australian accents underneath shiny white armor — they're people too. You really start rooting for Trooper 27-1281746512, you know?

Plus you get many gaps filled in and get to meet some side characters that are well worth getting to know (looking at you, Ahsoka).

Still TBD if the new episodes will reveal why Yoda took such a downhill turn in the 30 years between Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Back compared to the 900 years before that.


Being sucked into a video game never looked cooler, not even in the reboot of this classic.

No, we won't be watching the sequel (which was pretty decent, to be fair, mostly thanks to the Daft Punk-composed score) — instead, we'll be watching this all-time retro future classic.

Featuring a mix of animation, live-action and early CGI, the visuals are still stunning to this day.

From the Master Control Program to the light cycles scene, the vision of the original Tron somehow stands the test of time.

Star Wars Rebels

Maybe you started watching it because it was on DisneyXD and your kids happened to watch a couple episodes. Whatever the reason, Star Wars Rebels is legit.

And for Clone Wars fans, it even brings back a few fan favorites.

We'll be binging every back episode and getting caught up to speed. Not to mention looking forward to more new episodes following the antics of the motley crew of the Ghost, featuring former and fledging Jedis, among others.

Set five years before A New Hope, Rebels reveals to us the forces that ultimately combined to create a meaningful rebellion to the Empire.

Oh, and Admiral Thrawn is in it.

The Simpsons

Yes, Disney now owns The Simpsons. Because why the hell not?

Remember when FX did that "every Simpsons ever" marathon?

I don't watch the newest episodes regularly anymore, but this is possibly the ultimate show to just throw on shuffle and pretty much always get something entertaining back. After all, it's one of the longest-running TV shows of all time.

Speaking of, please add a shuffle feature, Disney. It's been sorely missing from streaming services.

Which episode will we start with? Candidates are the monorail episode, the original Treehouse of Horror or anything from season 3.

The Rocketeer

There's certainly a nostalgia factor here, as I was 10 when this movie came out and I watched it an insufferable amount of times, not to mention played the crappy Nintendo version endlessly.

The Rocketeer is sort of like a poor man's Iron Man, starring Jennifer Connelly and Billy Campbell, the ladder of whom went on to play a recurring role in SyFy's Helix. The fun begins when a wannabe airplane racer in the late 1930s stumbles upon a stolen rocket pack stolen from none other than Howard Hughes. From there the down-on-his-luck pilot turns into an unlikely hero.

This one has seemingly fallen of the radar for Disney fans, but it's actually a pretty good movie, and that's not just 10-year-old me talking.

Unlikely Animal Friends

Among the ridiculous list of properties now under Disney's purview is National Geographic, a world-renowned brand that is rightfully placed among the best brands in the world.

And nowhere else is Nat Geo's commitment to quality and learning on display than in a series about, you guessed it, unlikely animal friends. You don't even have to watch the whole show to start feeling better about the world. We don't give a damn what other shows will be on Disney Plus at launch, this better be one of the ones you stream immediately.

Consider these unlikely animal friendships:

-Lamb + rhino

-Dog + horse

-Duck + cat

Do I need to go on? I didn't think so.

James K.

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