The 'real-life Iron Man suit' is incredibly disappointing

Please stop calling it the real-life Iron Man.

Gravity Industries, which admittedly sounds like a company from some Marvel spawn somewhere, created something cool. We're not arguing that.

It's a 3D printed jet suit. I mean, that's cool.

But, this is NOT Iron Man. Despite the fact that seems to be the go-to description for it from places like the Chicago Tribune, Nerdist and oh so many more.

The jet suit features five turbines and uses jet fuel to work. It's also by far the lightest-looking jet suit I've ever seen.

Cool. Kewl. Cool!

Watch the videos on Gravity industries' website, and you'd think an army of bona fide flying soldiers could be on their way to a terrorist camp near you.

However, watch the actual videos, and well, it's not quite that:

Again, cool, but, um, real-life Iron Man? Really?

I'm pretty sure Iron Man does more than just kind of hover a few feet above the ground. And according to their website, the record speed for this thing is 32 mph. Again, fast for what it is and all, but, um, Iron Man goes a little faster:

He also goes a bit higher, has more missiles, and does not print his suit with a 3D printer.

So yes, jet suits are cool. But stop calling it the real life Iron Man.

Lead image: Gravity Industries' Facebook page

James K.

James K.

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