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The week in nerd nostalgia: Kingdom Hearts, Attack on Titan, and more

Written by: James at Classic Nerd

The week in nerd nostalgia: Kingdom Hearts, Attack on Titan, and more
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Somehow, sometimes, things happen in the world of nerd nostalgia that are, well, not in the past. It’s confusing to think about it too hard, so we recommend just letting it go.

ANYways here are a few of the things that caught our attention this week:

Kingdom Hearts

Did you catch the surprise trailer for Kingdom Hearts that dropped on the 20th anniversary of the original’s release this week?

It looks like Sora and co. are transported to a hyper-realistic place, at least at some point. The gameplay looks pretty sweet here. Do you plan on playing the new Kingdom Hearts when it comes out?

More on the news.

Attack on Titan

This has nothing to do with news on the show or anything—the guy that works on my HVAC walked past our bookshelf and asked me if I was the one who reads Attack on Titanand asked me what I thought about the ending.

Why yes, good sir, that’s me, and also that’s a really personal question.

Which is we should all take some time today to read a little Attack on Titan, maybe get started on it if you haven’t. Oh, and let’s get real mean in the comments about that ending…

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