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The week in nerd nostalgia: Super Mario Bros. anime, the best gadget from Jurassic Park, and more

Written by: James at Classic Nerd

The week in nerd nostalgia: Super Mario Bros. anime, the best gadget from Jurassic Park, and more

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Watch weird ‘80s Super Mario anime in 4K

While it’s not always the case, sometimes the internet really pulls through for humanity. For the folks who painstakingly remastered this super strange Super Mario Bros. anime from 1986, thank you for showing us the best of the internet, and frankly, of humanity.

More on The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach from Polygon:

Super Mario Bros. - The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach is a comedy-adventure movie from 1986 that follows the events of Super Mario Bros. rather loosely. When Princess Peach escapes from a video game and into Mario’s world, she is pursued by King Koopa (aka Bowser) who kidnaps her and forces her to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi, who work at a grocery store, are lured by a character named Dumpling Dog to the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the princess. Wacky misadventures ensue.

So yeah, who else is watching this tonight?

One of Jurassic Park’s best gadget returns!

Anyone else been streaming Netflix’s Camp Cretaceous with their kids?

While it’s not the best thing in the Jurassic franchise, it is one of the things, and it has its moments. But now I’m pretty excited for season 5.

As noted by Gizmodo, about 27 seconds in you’ll see the briefest of flashes of the canister. Perhaps someone simply needs a shave?

The new season is slated to arrive in July, 2022 (yep, post Dominion).

Elsewhere in nerd nostalgia:

  • I’ve had the Star Wars: Rebellion board game for a few months now, and while it takes a while to learn, I still highly recommend it. Tip: start out with the recommended setup your first couple of times and switch allegiances.
  • If, like me, you lived through the ‘90s and still love the music, check out the 60 Songs the Explain the ‘90s podcast. We’re not even getting paid to plug this, it’s just really awesome.
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