How many times does Ross get divorced on Friends?

How many times does Ross get divorced on Friends?

They were on a break! Well, if that break is permanent then it becomes something else, now doesn’t it? Sorry, Ross, but at some point you have to admit the constant problem in your relationships is you. 

When the first episode of Friends opens with Ross in the middle of a divorce, I don't think the writers intended for that to become a recurring gag. Yeah, the show is full of breakups, but divorces are hard to make funny. 

All the friends are quirky in their own ways, but Ross in particular feels like the least likely to get married in general, let alone as many times as he did. The dude is a paleontologist who is a total know-it-all and narcissistic creep. And no, I’m not jealous because I had a crush on Rachel.

Sadly, it almost always ended in heartbreak for Ross. Did you keep count of how many divorces he racked up by the series finale?

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