Put the Star Wars movies in chronological order

Put the Star Wars movies in chronological order

Back in 1977, Star Wars was simple.

For starters, it was just called Star Wars — no episode titles to contend with. Three movies came out, told a story, and bam, everyone moved on with their lives. Right?

One speed bump in that plan was that it nearly instantly became one of the biggest entertainment franchises in pop culture history, and we all know what that means — more stuff. Not just merch, but comic books, novels, more movies, video games, rides, and on and on. It was honestly pure chaos there for awhile, not knowing which stories were canon, what canon even meant, and not being able to spend your money fast enough.

Now with every new series that comes out on Disney Plus you have to spend a few hours figuring out where exactly in the timeline it fits in. Somewhere before that one big event, but like four years after that other thing, and then of course concurrent with that other stuff. Not that we're complaining, give us more, keep it coming, but it's hard to keep track of it all.

So we're going back to the good ol' fashioned Skywalker Saga. We're talking the main theatrical releases that tell the Skywalker story in nine episodes. Spoiler alert: they were not released in chronological order. But surely you, a reader of Classic Nerd, knew that already.

Drag the movie titles and see if you can put them in chronological order according to the storyline. You have 45 seconds starting as soon as you click Start.

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