What was almost Kramer's first name on Seinfeld?

What was almost Kramer's first name on Seinfeld?

Whether you say the word “Newman” under your breath anytime you hear about someone with that last name, answer the phone with “Helloooooooo”, or just say No [insert food item] for you!” at dinner every single night, not a person on this planet is immune from the influence of Seinfeld.

The iconic ‘90s sitcom was also one of the most successful TV shows ever, placing either first or second in Nielsen ratings for the final four years of its existence. And, naturally, one Cosmo Kramer had a significant part in that immense success.

When we found out that the character known only as Kramer for the previous five seasons was going to get a first name, it was must-see TV. We watched together as a nation as “Cosmo” was uttered for the first time, and perfectly fit. And then was basically never used again.

But as perfect as the moniker is, Kramer was supposed to get a first name way before that. What was his name originally going to be?

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