What was the first LEGO brick set ever made?

What was the first LEGO brick set ever made?
Photo by Xavi Cabrera / Unsplash

The Danish are known to be talented at many things, such as pillaging, riding bikes, and having the oldest flag in the world. But if there’s one thing the people from Denmark do better than anyone else, it’s create little plastic bricks that can be put together to build cool stuff.

Founded as a company that simply built wooden toys by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen back in 1934, it wasn’t until much later that LEGO came up with the brilliant innovation of a system of interlocking plastic bricks that could be used to build basically anything.

Today you can buy LEGO sets for everything from Darth Vader heads to real-life castles to just thousands of random bricks. And by the way, reminder that the plural of LEGO is just LEGO — there is no such things as LEGOs. There are only LEGO bricks.

While the choices today are plentiful, there was a time when children only had one set that they could buy, put all the bricks together into one really tall tower, and then push it over and watch it break. Which LEGO set was the first?

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