Which country consumes the most beer per capita?

Which country consumes the most beer per capita?
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How is it possible that beer isn’t America’s national drink? Unless you’re a wimp like me who gets dizzy just smelling a beer, basically everyone counts down the hours every day until you don’t have to feel bad about cracking open a beer. Or you just temporarily pretend you’re in a different time zone. To each their own.

Beer has been around longer than even written language and will probably be around after it's gone. I’d say the one might have something to do with the other, but that’s just speculation. For now, we can all enjoy reading embarrassing drunk texts and emails that were never EVER meant to be sent.

If you’re a beer connoisseur and want to live among your people, you would want to go to the country where people drink the most of it, right? Only there could you really compare where your drinking skills are. Just, you know, maybe don’t drive there.

Which country drinks the most beer per capita?

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