Which NFL team did Carl Weathers play for?

Which NFL team did Carl Weathers play for?

The world lost another of the great ones when Carl Weathers passed away at the age of 76.

Generations know and love the surprisingly wide range of Weathers, who began acting in the mid-70s and exploded onto the scene portraying the egotistical and extremely ripped boxing champion, Apollo Creed. His widely acclaimed performance in 1976's Rocky led to three more appearances as the King of Sting.

Weathers' fame carried him well into the '80s, appearing in classics such as Predator and Action Jackson. Kids in the '90s got to see a new side of Weathers when he played golf mentor Chubbs in the Adam Sandler-led Happy Gilmore, released in 1996.

And today an entirely new generation knows him as Greef Karga, the Guild Master turned High Magistrate in The Mandalorian.

Even with just this small sampling of his work, there's no question that Carl Weathers will be remembered as a treasure of American entertainment — but before he made his name in Hollywood, he was on a completely different career track. In fact, as a football player he was so good that he played in the NFL well before he uttered a single line onscreen.

Which NFL team did Carl Weathers play for before he became a famous actor?

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