Which is NOT a Garbage Pail Kid?

Which is NOT a Garbage Pail Kid?

The '80s were truly f***ed up. Case in point, the collectible trading cards/franchise based upon the hugely successful Cabbage Patch Kids — whose entire premise was strange enough (cabbages that give birth to dolls) — that provided some of the strangest, most grotesque artwork you will ever see.

That's right, we're talking Garbage Pail Kids. You may have even been one of those kids that dealt GPK stickers on the black market (aka your cousin's locker), considering they were banned from many schools in the late '80s.

And then, there was the live-action movie in 1987 ... once you're done shuddering from that memory let's see how deep your GPK knowledge runs.

Between the originals, reboots, and even a new series, there are A LOT of Garbage Pail Kids out there ... but not every name has been taken.

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