Five MCU characters that should get their own movie

Five MCU characters that should get their own movie // Copyright by Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures and other relevant production studios and distributors. 

If you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame at this point ... well, we don't what to say to you. We might have spoilers somewhere in here, and you know what? We're not sorry, you should have seen it by now if you're reading this article. SHAME ON YOU.

That said, we now know that the next phase of the MCU, at least for now, will provide us with some standalone movies and some interesting shows on Disney Plus. All the planned post-Endgame productions seem to be focusing on individual characters, some of whom are supposed to be dead, but hey, whatever.

We already know Black Widow is getting her own movie, for example, and apparently it will be set in between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. That's a lot of war.

And of course we also have the aptly named The Falcon and the Winter Soldier coming to Disney Plus when it launches in November of 2019. Can you guess which characters that show will focus on? Can you?!

Anyways, clearly if the Black Widow movie does well, there will be more like it. Which got us thinking: Do we have any donuts left? And after we all had a donut: Which other MCU characters deserve their moment in the limelight?

These are the characters who have played an important part in the MCU, yet have been relegated to ensemble appearances. It's time for Marvel to step up and give these characters their full due with a standalone movie:



This would be a great start in the villain origin movies that will clearly sooner or later make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And there's already some great inspiration out there, such as the quite-good Thanos Rising graphic novel (and board game of the same name, which we have not had the chance to review yet).

There's already a strange attraction audiences seem to have with this penultimate MCU villain, to the point where a Thanos origin story seems like a no-brainer for Marvel Studios.


Appreciation tweet to Okoye who took care of Wakanda for 5 years and without question is the best general.

— Golden Avenger (@kingkillmongerr) May 22, 2019

She is possibly the ultimate bad-ass warrior in all of the MCU (sorry Black Widow, but you're not really a warrior, per se). And, with the success of the Black Panther origin movie, there will definitely be more out of Wakanda in the MCU.

I'd love to see Okoye get an entire ass-kicking movie of ass kicking. It could take place after Infinity War, and she just kicks a bunch of ass.

This is one that would do surprisingly well.  DO YOU HEAR ME MARVEL?

Rocket Raccoon

My son likes to play previews — in his mind.

Call it creative, call it childish, call it a mental illness — whatever you call it, he's really good at it. To the point where he won't eat his damn dinner "until the preview is finished."

That said, one preview he recently made up was one for a standalone Rocket Raccoon movie. And dang, that's a good idea!

It could be an origin story of how he met Groot, or a furrific side adventure.

People really can't get enough Rocket (me included), so let's give the people more of what they want: Bradley Cooper's voice in the best package possible.


He's a pivotal character. He's played by an Oscar-nominated actor in Jeremy Renner, and arrows are cool.

How did he get so good at shooting arrows, anyway?

There's potential origin story material, maybe a Black Widow cameo (in Budapest!), or I'd love to see him cleansing the planet of baddies post-Infinity War and pre-Endgame.

Morgan Stark

Copyright by Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures and other relevant production studios and distributors. //

Not only is a grown-up Morgan Stark an eventuality in the MCU, it was already filmed.

That's right, Katherine Langford played the part of a young adult Morgan. The directors originally wanted to cut to a dreamlike sequence when Tony Stark made his own Iron Snap to counteract the Snapture, where he would see his daughter at an older age.

They revealed all of this in a recent spoiler sh*tstorm podcast that you can check out here.

It would have been a pretty bad ass way to tie the whole Infinity saga together, mirroring Thanos' Snapture moment with a youngling Gamora, but, you know, 4-hour movies aren't as popular as they used to be.

But this scene could be the perfect opening for a Morgan Stark standalone movie, where she inevitably takes the mantle from her father to become Iron Woman.

It would require some weird time-jumping in the overall narrative, but hell, we're already way past that in the MCU.