In the ‘80s cartoon Jem, who is Jem the alter-ego of?

In the ‘80s cartoon Jem, who is Jem the alter-ego of?

Look, I’m not saying that Hannah Montana is essentially a lift from the 1980s classic cartoon, Jem (aka Jem and The Holograms), but I am kind of saying that.

Sure, there are a few tweaks, most notably the age of the protagonist, but the concept is essentially the same: someone living a double life as a secret rockstar. But let’s get real — Jem is 20 times the show Hannah ever could have been (sorry Miley, nothing personal). Not only is Jem a worldwide rockstar, she does it with the help of a super-advanced holographic computer named Synergy. And The Holograms have to constantly fight off rival bands — all while helping to take care of 12 foster kids known as the Starlight Girls.

Coming from the same team that produced the G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons, a show about an-all girl band that essentially relies on a music video in every episode was kind of a wild choice — and a damn successful one. Jem ranked no. 1 in Nielsen ratings in syndicated cartoons in 1986.

Across three series and 65 episodes from 1985-88, the show only worked thanks to the challenges of Jem having to manage two personalities. What’s the name of her alter-ego?

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