June 5 in Nerd History: Happy Birthday Kenny G!

Happy National Janet Day! Or, Miss Jackson Day, if you're nasty.

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June 5 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on June 5 that matter to those of us who ate the macaroni instead of making it into art.


Birthdays of honor: Mark Wahlberg (1971), Kenny G (1956), Ron Livingston (1967), Brian McKnight (1969), Kathleen Kennedy (1953).


One of the most-underrated-but-cult-favorites-that-has-now-sort-of-turned-into-a-classic-RPG games of all time, EarthBound, was released for the SNES today in 1995.


In 1977, Alice Cooper's snake, a boa constrictor, was served a rat for breakfast. But as Grandpa Simpson might say, this breakfast bites back — the rat bit the snake, which eventually caused it to die. Cooper held open auditions for a new snake for his stage show, a scenario I dearly love to imagine.


Turns out Bigfoot is actually a pretty lovable guy — that is, if you buy the hype that Harry and the Hendersons was trying to sell, released on this day in 1987.

In other movie history for June 5, both The Truman Show and Mulan were released in 1998. And there are those who say that June 5, 1985, is the day Ferris Bueller played hooky from school.


In 1956, Elvis Presley introduced his new single to a big American audience on The Milton Berle Show. As he sang "Hound Dog," he single-handedly brought down society with his obscene hip movements.