The day the cold November Rain began to fall

The day the cold November Rain began to fall

Happy National Drive-In Movie Day! There aren’t many of these left, but maybe they’re overdue for a resurgence. Do your part and fill the cooler and stuff the car with as many people as possible and settle in for a triple feature.

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June 6 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on June 6 that matter to those of us who did, indeed, find the dip to be fun.


Birthdays of honor: Paul Giamatti (1967), Björn Borg (1956), Robert Englund (1947), Colin Quinn (1959).


In 1992 the video for “November Rain” from Guns ‘N Roses debuted on MTV. At the time it was the most expensive video ever made, costing an estimated $1.5 million, and the full version lasted over 9 minutes.


We’re still not sure how intentional it was, but one of the greatest cheeseball action movies of all time came out on this day in 1997 when Nicholas Cage and John Cusak brought everything they had to Con Air.

In 1980, the Mad Magazine-backed comedy Up the Academy came out, in an effort to cash in on the success of the National Lampoon-backed movies. Directed by Robert Downey Sr., and starring a young Ralph Macchio, nobody liked it. In fact, Downey later called it “one of the worst f***ing things in history.”


The Ed Sullivan Show aired for the last time in 1971 after a 23-year run that saw it act as an amplifier for pop culture over a time of incredible change.


The not-at-all-extreme single “More Than Words” from Extreme was the top song on this day in 1991.