Today was a monster day for blockbuster movies

Today is Superman Day. Whether you’re pro-Reeves, Cavill, or one of the other ones, today’s the day to wear that costume underneath your work clothes.

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June 12 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on June 12 that matter to those of us who gushed the fruit.


Birthdays of honor: Jim Nabors (1930), Mark Henry (1971), Marv Albert (1941), John Linnell (They Might Be Giants – 1959), Meredith Brooks (1958).


You can tell we’re getting into summer blockbusters, because we keep finding more and more big movies when researching the day in nerd history — so buckle up.

In 1987, we became the ultimate prey when Predator was released, Norm McDonald was the lead in exactly one movie when Dirty Work came out in 1998 (as bad as Sandler was at acting like a romantic lead, there’s Norm…), and Swingers got me to wear two tones for a year after it came out on this day in 1997. Jon Favreau has since done alright for himself since then.

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But wait, there’s more!

Both Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part I AND Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark saw wide release on June 12, 1981. Of course, they were just following in the footsteps of 1963’s Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, also released on this day.

I guess the folks behind Jurassic World had a sense of the cinematic history of this day, as it was released today in 2015.

And this list was the edited version.

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Speaking of movies, in 1939 the first horror movie to be shot with Technicolor began filming. Dr. Cyclops tells the story of a mad scientist, somewhere in the Peruvian jungle, who wants to shrink all of humanity to reduce its impact on the environment.


In 2015, Dave Grohl fell off the stage during a concert and broke his leg. He finished the show with someone holding his leg up. Pretty damn rock n’ roll. He would return to touring with the Foo Fighters with a custom-built throne while his leg healed.​


On June 12, 1996, “Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was the no. 1 song in America.