What is ALF's home planet?

What is ALF's home planet?
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He tells jokes that mostly only make himself laugh, wants to eat the cat, and is from another planet. That's right, we're talking about everyone's favorite alien life form: ALF.

We love watching him act like a child and learning the ways of humans as he integrates into an isolated life with the Tanners. Yet his home planet is only mentioned sparingly, and his new family chooses to call him by an acronym instead of his given name (Gordon Shumway). It sort of seems like the Tanners just want to erase ALF's entire identity from his time before Earth.

Case in point, when Willie Tanner first discovers that an alien has crash-landed in his garage, he spends about 12 seconds wondering where it came from before deciding it must be protected and no one else would ever be allowed to see it.

Despite it being lightyears away (and obliterated), and despite the Tanners trying to ignore it, ALF drops the occasional knowledge bomb about his home planet. What's that planet called?

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