What were the first words spoken on MTV?

What were the first words spoken on MTV?

Variety ​once reported​ that as of June 2020, MTV's 168-hour lineup was being dominated by a single show: Ridiculousness, where a former pro skateboarder (among others) makes fun of people hurting themselves in viral internet videos.

So not only does MTV not show music videos anymore, it barely shows more than one show.

It's a sad demise for those who were there when it crashed into cable television and eventually became a cultural kingmaker. For nearly a generation, MTV acted as the most influential voice in all of popular music.

So while turning it on now is literally painful to the soul, those memories of the golden days still mean a little something to a few of us. The words that uttered this cable channel into existence back in 1981 basically changed the world. What were they?

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