What’s the name of the basketball team in 1985’s Teen Wolf?

What’s the name of the basketball team in 1985’s Teen Wolf?
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The ‘80s were awesome. You could literally walk into a film studio exec’s office and pitch the wildest idea, and they’d say yes. 

We know this is true because way before people were Team Edward or Team Jacob, high schoolers were turning into mythical creatures in movies like 1985’s Teen Wolf. Part of Michael J. Fox’s absurd breakout year, Teen Wolf is definitely one of the most absurd premises for a movie you’ll ever find: A high school kid starts turning into a werewolf, and then uses that to become good at basketball and get popular.

It was also wildly successful, grossing over $80 million against just a $4 million budget. My hypothesis? That was mostly due to basketball being heavily featured in the movie. While Scott Howard, who eventually finds out he comes from a long line of werewolves, decides not to use his ability when draining the winning free throws for his team (terrible decision-making, to be honest), he still gives everyone Wolf Fever during the regular season playing for this basketball team.

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