What's the name of the pizza restaurant in Home Alone?

What's the name of the pizza restaurant in Home Alone?

In the opening sequence of 1990's Home Alone, we truly see the storytelling genius of John Hughes (and director Chris Columbus) on display.

A pizza delivery dude is trying to get paid, adults and children alike frantically rush about, and we're introduced to who will turn out to be one of the film's primary antagonists.

And as the pizza is consumed, the motive for Kevin McCallister wishing his family away becomes clear as his brother gulps down the last slice of cheese pizza just to torment the little jerk — leading Kevin to attack Buzz and knock over milk in the process. Which apparently causes his dad to just straight up drop a liter of soda.

All this on top of already being told you have to sleep next to your cousin who just chugged a Pepsi (product placement!).

Later on, when Kevin is still living under the assumption that he magically wished his family out of existence, he's finally able to get a whole cheese pizza all for himself. What's the name of the restaurant where he orders it from?

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