When was the Declaration of Independence signed?

When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Photo by Alondra Olivas / Unsplash

While it seems like the Declaration of Independence came together in a moment of inspiration and people were probably cheering and doing shots and firing off muskets as America declared its independence, the reality, as with most things, wasn’t nearly that exciting.

There was bureaucracy to deal with, the whole thing coming out of a committee that then made recommendations which had to be debated and revised and revised again. Then it had to be printed on parchment, copies had to be made, and eventually people actually had to sign the thing.

I’m glad it happened, because without it ultimately we never would have had the freedom for needlessly violent action movies of the 1980s. And I’m sure with such an important moment in American history, everyone knows this date.

Unless we’re messing with you and making it tricky. Then again, maybe we’re not. Or are we?

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