Where does Snoopy's brother Spike live?

Where does Snoopy's brother Spike live?
Photo by Sandy Ravaloniaina / Unsplash

With all due respect to every other Peanuts character, Snoopy is obviously the coolest. 

A dog who can whip up a Thanksgiving meal, win a holiday light contest, travel across the country on his own, and has a bird for a best friend? You simply can’t beat that.

And like any dog, it makes sense that he’d have siblings. Exactly how many siblings is up for debate, as Snoopy’s family situation evolved with the comic strip. Originally an “only dog”, in 1970 Snoopy wrote that he was one of seven, which eventually became eight later on.

The introduction of siblings was actually one of Charles Schulz’s big regrets about the comic strip — but whether he liked it or not, they became canon. 

While Snoopy is the coolest character overall, his brother Spike seems pretty cool too. But more in the hipster-never-has-a-job kind of way. Whether writing letters or paying a visit, Spike makes his home in what city?

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