August 24th in nerd history: Is that Pete Rose in a chicken suit?

Normally we start this newsletter in a celebratory mood, celebrating whatever oddball holiday we can dig up — but not today, friends. Why? Because today is Pluto Demoted Day. It’s a sad day for a lot of folks out there who are big fans of this astral object, which some (ahem, Neil deGrasse Tyson) claim is not a planet. Hang in there today, friends.

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August 24 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on August 24th for those of us who say screw you, Neil deGrasse Tyson! (But actually, you’re great.)


Birthdays of honor: Rupert Grint (1988), Rocky Johnson (1944), Stephen Fry (1957), Cal Ripken Jr. (1960), Steve Guttenberg (1958), Barret Oliver (1973), Craig Kilborn (1962).


In 1995 it was a major moment for this whole computer thing when Microsoft released Windows 95. You might remember this, because Microsoft put forward what felt like one of the biggest marketing campaigns in history behind it, paying The Rolling Stones millions so they could use the song “Start Me Up” to promote the new Start button feature.

This was also the first version of Windows that allowed users to access the internet. Start Me Up, indeed!


In 1979, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School was released in theaters, featuring The Ramones.

Produced by B-movie icon Roger Corman, it follows the exploits of students at the fictional Vince Lombardi High School, who are exceedingly unruly thanks to their love of rock music, culminating in the ultimate act of youth rebellion — the students burning down the school alongside The Ramones.

high school GIF by Johnny Ramone


In 1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the United States nonstop, flying from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. This prompted many to ask why the hell you’d leave L.A. to go to New Jersey.


On this day in 1989, Pete Rose was officially suspended from baseball for life (at which time he was a manager). His offense? Betting on baseball, including his own team. He remains ineligible for the Hall of Fame despite still holding the all-time record for hits, at 4,256.

On the upside, he was invited to appear at Wrestlemania for a few years in the late ’90s — including, you guessed it, dressed in a chicken suit.

Pete Rose Sport GIF by WWE