C-3PO’s top 7 moments

C-3PO’s top 7 moments
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The final Rise of Skywalker trailer has sparked a great number of theories online. One moment from the trailer, in particular, caused a great deal of emotional agony for a lot of fans…

Is this the end of C-3PO?

In the trailer, when asked what he's doing by Poe, he replies: “Taking one last look, sir. At my friends.”

Some have theorized that he is going to be destroyed at some point. However, there is another theory floating around. At this point in the trailer, it looks like C-3PO is being worked on. He’s saying goodbye to his current friends.

Could it be possible that his memory is being restored to the Revenge of the Sith era?

If this is the case, that would be pretty tragic, as he’d forget some of the best things he said and did.

But the truth is, we just don't know yet. As we await the fate of our gold-plated friend, let’s revisit some of C-3POs greatest moments throughout the Star Wars film franchise.

“My parts are showing?”

One of my favorite C-3PO scenes is actually the first time we meet him (chronologically speaking). In the Skywalkers' humble abode on Tatooine, Anakin shows us one of his projects – a droid! We don’t understand R2-D2, but he tells C-3PO that he’s naked, to which 3PO exclaims, “My parts are showing?!”

We already know from the original trilogy that he’s a rather proper droid, so the idea of him being introduced to a bunch of strangers while naked is pretty funny.

“Oh, this is such a drag!”

Hate me if you want for saying this, but I genuinely believe that Attack of the Clones was peak Threepio. Specifically, the Battle of Geonosis.

C-3PO unfortunately (but fortunately for the sake of those who enjoy laughing at his expense) gets his head attached to a battle droid's body. In what is an epic, slightly tragic, battle scene, we get the sheer absurdity of him trying to operate.

R2-D2 pulls his head off and drags him along, to which C-3PO says: “Oh, this is such a drag!”

Oh, Threepio, you old card.

“Die, Jedi dogs!”

Again, Battle of Geonosis. When the battle droid program runs C-3PO’s head, he yells: “Die, Jedi dogs!”

Hilarious. The only time we ever get to see C-3PO not be either polite, intelligent, or just annoying. Violent C-3PO is something I could really get behind.

“Let the Wookie win.”

Holographic chess seems like a delightful space pastime. From the little glimpse we get, little monsters smashing each other looks as though it really livens up the game.

However, in this scene we are treated to a moment of pacifism from C-3PO when he tells R2-D2 to let Chewbacca win. And why is that?

Because Chewie will rip your arms off.

“No. I don’t like you either.”

R2-D2 won’t re-play the hologram video of Princess Leia for Luke, and he gets annoyed. He beeps to C-3PO, asking if he thinks Luke dislikes him?

To which C-3PO responds with a zinger, that neither Luke nor he like R2-D2.

Ice cold!

"It's against my programming to impersonate a deity."

This line always gets me. First of all, it’s hilarious that the Ewoks think C-3PO is some sort of god. I mean, he’s covered in gold, so I’m not saying it’s outlandish … just really funny.

Anyway, his friends life is at stake, but he can’t save them, purely because it’s against his programming. Who would take the time out of their day to intentionally program a droid NOT to impersonate a god?

“Don’t call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease!”

A rare but sizzling zinger from C-3PO. Love it. This is the C-3PO the people deserve more of!

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