Happy National Onion Ring Day!

Happy National Onion Ring Day. When Beyoncé talks about rings, this is what she means.

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June 22 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on June 22 that matter to those of us who…


Birthdays of honor: Bruce Campbell (1958), Meryl Streep (1949), Cyndi Lauper (1953), Kris Kristofferson (1936), Pete Maravich (1947), Carson Daly (1973).


After going there, Bilbo came back again on June 22nd. He returned to the shire after his adventures where he robbed a dragon, outwitted Gollum, and befriended dwarves, among many other feats. Of course, unbeknownst to him or anyone else in the shire at the time, he had brought back with him a kind of messed up ring that a certain somebody REALLY wanted back.

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On this day in 1984, we learned how the hell to deal with bullies when The Karate Kid was released in theaters.

We also learned some valuable lessons about murder and cartoons when Who Framed Roger Rabbit blew our 1988 minds.


In 1993, the Flaming Lips released Transmissions From The Satellite Heart, featuring their breakout hit, “She Don’t Use Jelly.”

However, this wasn’t their debut, not even a sophomore effort — Transmissions was their sixth studio album. Sixth time’s a charm?


On this day in 1980, if you were alive you were most likely at the theater watching The Empire Strikes Back, which was domi-fricking-nating the summer box office.

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