How many Grand Slams does Björn Borg have?

How many Grand Slams does Björn Borg have?
Photo by Matthias David / Unsplash

Every now and then, an athlete retires abruptly while at the top of their game. Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan (even if it was a fake out at first), and of course, Björn Borg.

Still in his mid-20s and widely considered the best in the game at the time, Borg shocked the tennis world when he decided to hang up the racket in 1981, following six years of being rated no. 1 on the planet. He'd try to come back 10 years later, but the magic was gone.

Still, during that time he broke multiple records and built an all-time, legendary career, even if it was short. How many Grand Slam titles did Björn Borg accrue?

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