In Flashdance, what job does Alex have?

In Flashdance, what job does Alex have? // Copyright by Paramount Pictures and other relevant production studios and distributors.

1983 really set the tone for what the rest of the '80s was going to look like, and you'd be hard-pressed to find another movie that impacted pop culture in the decade more than Flashdance.

This is the movie that gave us dancing to "Maniac" in leg warmers, for crying out loud. And despite the fact that Roger Ebert put it on his "most hated" list for the year, it was a smashing success, earning over $200 million at the global box office.

It's no secret that main character Alex Owens (played by Jennifer Beals) is an aspiring dancer, with a particular desire to one day dance as a pro ballerina. Just one problem — she has zero actual training and a complete lack of experience.

So hell, she has to pay the bills somehow. What job does Alex have in this seminal '80s flick?

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