In The Muppet Show, what are the names of the old hecklers?

In The Muppet Show, what are the names of the old hecklers?

When people ask me what my plan is for old age, I simply point to the old heckler dudes from The Muppet Show (and subsequent Muppet-related productions). That’s right, my goal in retirement is to sit in a balcony somewhere and just make fun of people.

One of the things that always cracked me up about these guys is that even though they apparently hate everything the Muppets are putting on stage, they’re willing to buy tickets to every single performance. Which tells me one thing: They’re really only in this for the love of the game.

There’s probably not a single heckler out there who’s more famous, let alone two of them. The thing is, they’re not only hilarious, they’re always spot-on. And they’re beloved for it, so much so that they got their own web series back in the mid-2000s. (Sorry, we can’t tell you the name of it yet, because that would spoil the answer.)

Like everything in the Jim Henson-verse, these guys were fully thought out characters, complete with their own names. Even if you don’t hear them often, they do have ‘em. What are the names of everyone’s favorite hecklers?

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