Name the band that sings 1982's “Come On Eileen.”

Name the band that sings 1982's “Come On Eileen.”

According to so-called science, the 1960s had the most one-hit wonders of any decade. But boy, doesn't it feel like the '80s did?

I agree with the dude who did the actual work of determining which decade is the most one-hit-wondery-est as to why this is the case — MTV. Since MTV essentially controlled popular music throughout the '80s, or at the very least could turn whatever song they wanted to into a top 10 hit, it felt like an era of endless one-hit wonders.

I also prefer the one-hitters of the '80s because the band names were often obscure or just downright strange. Unlike the '60s when it was usually some studio band named after a TV show or a person's first name and some kind of plural noun, bands in the '80s wanted their name to mean something — even if most people who heard their one big song never knew what it was.

I know what a few of you are thinking — you want to get in an argument about whether the band that sings Come On Eileen is a bonafide one-hit wonder. But before we even get there, let's see if you know who that band is.

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