Power Rangers was banned in which country until 2011?

Power Rangers was banned in which country until 2011?

It's hard to imagine any part of the world untouched by the global phenomenon known as Power Rangers. Even in the most remote settlements of the Amazon rainforest, I imagine kids (and probably some adults) running around and pretending to morph into their favorite ranger.

It's an idea that sure seemed unlikely to take hold — take footage from a Japanese TV show and layer in American actors and new storylines — yet boy did it work. It was an instant hit on TV, and the toys alone have generated billions upon billions of dollars in revenue. The Power Rangers franchise has been going strong ever since with multiple series, movies, video games, and oh so much more — with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

But one country wasn't feeling the Zords back when the very first series debuted, with the roll-off-the-tongue title of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and even went as far as to straight up ban the whole thing from airing in the country — only lifting the restriction relatively recently. Where was that?

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