The day we all started saying, "Yo, Adrian!"

Happy National Megalodon Day! Meaning “big tooth”, we actually only know so much about Megalodons, piecing together fragmentary remains. We do know that its jaws were huge, and its size could have been as large as 60 feet — making it a potential predator of whales. But we can’t really agree on what it would have looked like; for example, whether it would have been great white shark style or more of a whale shark look. So screw it, the folks behind The Meg can make it do and have it look like whatever the hell they want.

The Trench Shark GIF by Warner Bros. Pictures

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June 15 in Nerd History

Here are 5 things that happened on June 15 that matter to those of us who are never gonna give you up.


Birthdays of honor: Jim Varney (1949), Ice Cube (1969), Courteney Cox (1964), Neil Patrick Harris (1973), Waylon Jennings (1937), Helen Hunt (1963), Wade Boggs (1958).


In 1979, one of the best sports sequels of all time (minus the 500 that came after) hit theaters when Rocky II was released. After Rocky defeats Apollo Creed, he says into the mic, “Yo, Adrian, I did it!”

Sylvester Stallone Fight GIF by Rocky

In other classic sports movies released today, Bull Durham came out in 1988.

But let’s not forget Lara Croft: Tomb Raider — the Angelina Jolie adaptation came out in 2001. And Christopher Nolan paved the way for what superhero movies could be when Batman Begins was released in 2005.


If we want to talk REALLY old-school movies, on this day in 1878 the world’s first moving pictures were caught on camera of a horse running. It took 12 cameras, each taking 1 picture.

File:Muybridge race horse animated.gif - Wikimedia Commons


Nirvana released their debut album, Bleach, on Sub Pop in 1989.


Chances are on this day in 1984 you were at the mall movie theater watching Ghostbusters, as it dominated the summer box office.

ghostbusters GIF