What else is Saint Valentine the patron saint of?

What else is Saint Valentine the patron saint of?
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San Valentino has a bit of a mysterious streak — turns out, he might not even be one person. Known as a martyr, there are at least two Saint Valentines mentioned in early martyrologies (say that 10 times fast). Yet there's only one skull — and you can visit it in Rome. But if there are two of them, whose skull is that?

The history surrounding this guy is so foggy that he was removed from the General Roman Calendar in 1969. That's the calendar that the Catholic Church officially uses to track celebrations of saints, so that's pretty major. One could argue that Valentine's Day technically doesn't exist.

The good news for V-Day fans is that Valentine is still officially a saint, so it's really more of a downgrade than an outright boot to the arse.

It's well documented that Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, leading to all that candy you're eating while reading this. But that's not all — he's also the patron saint of something else. Any idea what it is?

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