What high school does Ferris Bueller attend?

What high school does Ferris Bueller attend?

Imagine if you found the principal of your high school trying to break into your house. I think I'd have the same reaction as Jeannie, Ferris' sister (played by Jennifer Grey).

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For some reason, the principal needed to be inside Ferris Bueller's room to prove, once and for all, that he was playing hooky.

Then again, he's not the principal — Ed Rooney is actually the Dean of Students. So maybe that's why he needs that level of hard evidence?

Here's what old man Rooney doesn't get — Bueller is a sly one and it will all work out for him in the end, just like it always does.

Which means, despite his clear flouting of the rules, he won't have to spend any extra time at this high school.

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