What is Dr. Phil’s last name?

What is Dr. Phil’s last name?
Angela George // WIkimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

It was 1998 when Oprah Winfrey invited a no-nonsense, tough-talking self-help expert on her show. His appearance was so successful that he became a regular, and soon enough he had his own daytime talk show, fixing the ailments of people across America.

He’d quickly become known simply as Dr. Phil, who does indeed hold a doctorate in clinical psychology, even if he hasn’t held a license to practice since 2006. 

Through the books, seminars, spin-off shows, gossip stories, and ultimately actually helping quite a few folks out there, I don’t know that many people have ever stopped to consider whether he even has a last name. But Dr. Phil does indeed have a surname. What is it?

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