What was LaserDisc originally called?

What was LaserDisc originally called?

If you knew someone with a LaserDisc player in the '80s — usually a dentist or a dude who went on ski trips all the time — you knew to never, ever touch that damn thing. You knew that hunk of metal was definitely worth more than it would cost them to kick the crap out of your face.

Costing easily upwards of $1,000 to buy a player, plus a minimum of $30 for each disc (and up from there), LaserDiscs were expensive as heyall. Especially compared to VCRs and VHS, which would even allow you to record your own stuff.

But they were hailed as the cutting edge in home entertainment, and they weren't wrong. Using discs to watch a movie? Way ahead of its time. Plus, the word "laser" is right there in the name. Badass.

While the market might not have been ready for this insane technology, the marketing was spot on. But was it even always called LaserDisc?

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