What was Saved by the Bell originally called?

What was Saved by the Bell originally called?
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We complain a lot about the lack of modern Saturday morning cartoons around here, but even we forget that there were also Saturday morning sitcoms.

Saved by the Bell had its moments in primetime, but it was largely known to a kid and teen audience thanks to its regular Saturday morning broadcasts on NBC.

It lasted for four seasons, which kind of makes sense since it's hard to hide teen actors aging way beyond where they should be (paging Stranger Things producers). At least, that's the show as most of us know it — but there was actually a time before Zack Morris and crew were in high school.

That earlier time was even retrofitted, with an added intro by Zack Morris explaining the situation for reruns. Initially, it wasn't even called Saved by the Bell. Do you remember what this hit teen sitcom and cultural heavyweight was originally called?

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