What year does Dune take place?

What year does Dune take place?
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Sci-fi movies are very liberal with when they take place. Star Wars, for example, takes place at some vague point in time way in the past, while Star Trek is meant to be set in our own near-ish future. Whether it’s the past or the future, the point I’m getting to is that the present kind of sucks. 

Dune somehow feels like it takes place in the past and the future at the same time. There are spaceships and those weird dragonfly ships, but also no computers and people fight with regular old swords? At least Star Wars made their swords laser swords.

I’m too stupid to learn all the history and lore of Dune, but I was able to figure out that it is indeed set at some point in time related to our current year. Is it far, far ahead, or maybe a ways in the past?

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