What’s the most a comic book has ever sold for?

What’s the most a comic book has ever sold for?
Photo by Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

When I was younger I bought an unsealed copy of The Death of Superman and tucked it away, assuming it’d make me extremely rich decades later. Now that it’s decades later, it’s only worth a little more than the $2.50 I paid for it. And that is how I learned that I’m not good at being a comic book collector.

But some people out there are REALLY good at it. Sure, some of them claim they’re really just in it for the fandom, but when you start to see the numbers that go around in terms of what some of these comic books are worth, I’d imagine even the biggest fan has their price.

Of course, the biggest thing that drives value in the collectibles space is scarcity — not just how hard it is to find, but how hard it is to find one in really good condition. The most expensive comic book ever sold did well in both categories. How much did someone cough up to get their hands on it?

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