Which rock star appeared on Highlander: The Series?

Which rock star appeared on Highlander: The Series?
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We all had the same thought after watching the original Highlander movie in 1986: Does Connor MacLeod have a fellow clansman who's buffer and can take his shirt off more?

In 1992, we got that answer with a resounding "yes" when Highlander: The Series introduced us to Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who had been hiding out for about 400 years but who now has to face his fate and rejoin the Game. Running in syndication for six seasons, the series told an alternate story where Connor hadn't won the ultimate prize and instead immortals are all still battling it out.

The series was actually a pretty big international hit, mostly because Duncan took his shirt off a lot, but perhaps also in part thanks to some of the guest stars — including this rock star who made an appearance.

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