Who drove the white Bronco?

Who drove the white Bronco?

On June 17, 1994, the country stopped whatever the hell they were doing and tuned in to one of the strangest yet most compelling events ever shown on TV — a 1993 white Ford Bronco going very slowly down the California highway, followed by about a billion cops and a trillion news helicopters.

For many, they were simultaneously finding out that O.J. Simpson, a popular running back turned actor and celebrity, had been charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown. 

This was one of those landmark moments where everyone realized the way we consumed media and news had just changed forever. This thing got so big that they interrupted the NBA Finals to cut to live coverage of the pursuit. Putting the words “white Bronco” together would never be the same.

Watching an event like this unfold collectively in real time was a relatively new experience for most of us, and boy did it get us hooked. And we had plenty of time to think about it, as the low-speed chase lasted so long that at least one news helicopter had to bail because it ran out of fuel.

But O.J. wasn’t doing the driving. Instead, the car belonged to an old friend of his. Who was driving the white Bronco that day?

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